4 Reasons to Use Mattress Toppers on Your Hotel Beds

Hotel beds get a lot of use and their mattresses need replacing more regularly than those you have at home. If you're about to replace some or all of your hotel's mattresses, then why not add toppers to them too? These products sit on top of a mattress and have a range of benefits. What are they?

1. Offer a More Comfortable Night's Sleep

When you add a topper to a mattress, you make the mattress more comfortable. The topper gives an extra layer of support or softness to the bed. Your guests are likely to notice the difference because they'll get a better night's sleep. The better they sleep, the better they'll feel about their stay in your hotel.

2. Get Luxurious Quality Without the Costs

Really good mattresses can be pricey. You may not be able to afford to buy luxurious mattresses in bulk for your hotel. Adding toppers to your beds increases their quality.

Your guests may feel that they're sleeping on a luxurious bed, but the extra comfort a topper gives typically costs you less. Rather than paying a lot for an expensive mattress, a topper can turn a more basic product into one that feels like it's high-quality.

3. Make Your Mattresses Last Longer

Mattresses can put up with a lot of use, but eventually, constant use takes a toll. They lose some of their firmness or shape; they start to get lumpy and uneven.

Your guests won't be happy with a bed that is on its last legs, so you'll have to replace mattresses that start to show signs of wear. If you put toppers on, however, your mattresses last longer.

A topper takes some of this strain off the mattress and keeps it in better shape. While the topper itself may need replacing at some point when it starts to lose its firmness or support, this is cheaper than paying for a new mattress.

4. Keep Your Beds Clean

Mattresses get dirty. They are easy to stain and hard to clean. After a while they'll absorb sweat from your guests which may make them smell; accidents leave unsightly marks behind.

If you buy washable or dry cleanable toppers, then they keep your mattresses cleaner. They'll take the brunt of anything that would normally go on the mattress, but they are easy to clean either to a schedule or on an ad hoc basis after a spill or accident.

So, talk to your mattress supplier about toppers before you put in your order. They can help you choose the right products to fit your mattresses.