Why Putting Your Feet Up Doesn't Have To Cost A Fortune: How To Find Budget Recliner Chairs

For a long time, the recliner chair has been a bit of a model of luxury amongst more modest options for seating. Often its price reflected this, making it too expensive for a lot of people who still wanted it. Luckily, as time has progressed, the recliner chair has become more and more accessible to the general public. While there are still options for those looking for the most premium materials, there are also varieties of recliner chairs that provide a similar function without drastically reducing the construction quality. 

How can you tell if a recliner chair is quality?

If you aren't familiar with the construction of chairs and lounges or the different types of fabric and cushioning, you may be at a loss to find what separates a good recliner chair from the rest of the pack. However, there are a few distinct features that speak to the quality of a recliner chair, including:

  • Stitching: The devil is in the details, so if you want to know how much care was taken with a recliner chair, then an easy way to tell it is by checking the stitching to see if it is even.
  • The type of leather used. There are many types of leather that are explained well here, and it is important to have a rudimentary knowledge before you go to the shop to browse.
  • The fluidity of motion: A good recliner chair should recline in a single motion that feels effortless. Test this mechanism, and take note if anything feels stiff or hard to adjust. 

You really like this recliner chair, but there are one or two faults. Should you still get it?

When shopping on a budget, it is important to realise your limitations. You probably won't be able to find the perfect recliner chair for under a thousand dollars. Will you still be able to find a really good recliner chair for that price? Absolutely. Think about what parts of the chair are the most important to you, and focus your energy on this aspect. If you want maximum comfort and don't mind a slightly awkward reclining mechanism, then go in that direction. If you want a compact and well-built chair that might skimp on the cushioning, then look follow that route. One or two minor faults are not deal-breakers when shopping on a budget.

What is the secret weapon of the budget shopper?

While money might be a bit of an issue for you as a budget shopper, there is one advantage you do have: time. Many furniture shops have quarterly sales in order to sell as much stock as possible before reports get drawn up. If you find a great recliner chair that is just a little bit out of your price bracket, then simply wait for a few months. You will be surprised at how often items get reduced and repriced for seemingly no reason. Your best piece of leverage when shopping cheaply is not impulse purchasing, but rather waiting for what you want to be the price you can afford.