Key Benefits of an Adjustable Bed with a Slatted Base

When shopping for an adjustable bed for the first time, you will come across two types of bases: a slatted base and a solid base. A slatted base model is made of several slats, while a solid base is made of solid hardwood. Although both base types are beneficial to users, this article focuses on the ergonomic advantages of adjustable beds with a slatted base.

Enhanced Flexibility 

When sleeping, you need your body to rest in its natural contours to balance out the pressure on your spinal cord. An adjustable bed with a slatted base makes it possible because it is made from beechwood, a highly flexible but structurally stable material. Notably, beechwood slats are attached to rubber holders on a bed's frame. In addition, the slats often have a bowed shape, creating a cushioning effect to protect your spine and ensure proper alignment. The best part is that you can adjust a slatted base by making the planks firmer in particular areas based on your sleeping position needs. For instance, if you want to adjust the firmness of the lumbar or hip region, all you have to do is reposition the sliders accordingly.

Better Air Circulation 

While an adjustable bed is designed to be comfortable, it should not be restricted to basic functionality. For example, your bedding must feel fresh to enjoy everything an adjustable bed has to offer. A slatted base allows adequate aeration of your mattress and bedding, improving your sleeping experience. It can be attributed to the spaces between the planks on a slatted base, which guarantee proper ventilation through a mattress' bottom. Additionally, the slatted base of an adjustable bed lessens humidity and moisture accumulation, which goes a long way in preventing bacteria growth on a mattress. Also, adding springs and coils around an adjustable bed's frame promotes extra airflow.

Better Side Sleeping 

Sleeping on the side is not comfortable at all, mainly if you have a firm mattress on a solid base. For example, it might lead to misalignment of the spinal cord, resulting in the sagging of the spinal column in sensitive parts. However, the flexible planks of an adjustable bed's slatted base ensure that your body's midsection and shoulders stay in a straight line when sleeping on your side. In addition, since a slatted base makes sleeping on your sides more comfortable, you do not have to restrict yourself to a few sleeping positions, especially if you suffer from joint and back problems.

If you want an adjustable bed, check out the inventory at a local furniture store.