Why Wicker Chairs Are A Seamless Addition To Your Home Irrespective Of Your Interior Décor

Wicker chairs are undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of furniture, as they have been around for several centuries. What may surprise you is that the term wicker refers to the technique employed to weave the materials, usually rattan, into the fabric utilised to create the furniture. In recent decades, there has been a shift from plant-based fibres such as bamboo to manmade materials such as resin and vinyl. However, these artificial fibres do not offer the same rustic charm as the original willow rattan and bamboo supplies do. Nevertheless, your choice of material for you wicker chairs will be dependent on your budget and preferred aesthetic. If you are concerned about whether this distinctive style of furniture will complement your home, consider the following reasons why wicker chairs will be a seamless addition to your home irrespective of your interior décor choices.

Unique texture and high versatility

One of the biggest selling points of wicker furniture is that these chairs add an interactive surface to any room that you put them in. The tactile surface of the woven fibres adds an interesting touch to the room, enhancing both its visual and tactile appeal more than materials such as upholstery, wallpaper or even drapery. This interactive texture creates a feeling of the outdoors inside the home, which creates an allure of nature's balance in your interior décor. Speaking of its ability to bring nature inside the home, wicker chairs are perfect for indoor-outdoor living. These chairs can easily transition from a patio to your living room, more so if these spaces are separated by French windows. This makes wicker chairs a highly versatile addition to your home. 

Variety of colour choices

The second reason why wicker chairs will be an ideal inclusion to your interior décor is the range of colours available to match your taste. Some people tend to associate wicker furniture with dark, earthy tones such as browns, greys and blacks. These colours are particularly fitting for a traditional interior décor style as they make a space appear cosier. In addition to this, if your interior décor is characterised by timber accents, the dark hues of wicker furniture can make the wood stand out. Nonetheless, this does not mean that wicker chairs have no place in a house with a minimalist interior décor style! Lighter earth tones and white hues are great for an airy space with a minimalist style. These hues are also ideal if your residence has a beach feel.