Why Replacement Chair Covers Are Not Just For Your Gran's Home

Replacement chair covers are not a new entrant to the furniture market. These fitted fabrics were typically associated with homes of the elderly and as such, most people think of them as a ghastly measure to keep their chairs free from food debris and spills. While chair covers do play a protective role for the underlying furniture, this is not the only way that they can be beneficial to you. New-age options combine form and function to ensure that these replacement chair covers are suited to the needs of the modern homeowners. If you have never considered replacement chair covers for your furniture, consider the following reasons why they are no longer just a staple in your gran's home.

Elevate your interior décor

If you are bored with how your living room looks but are not ready to invest in a complete overhaul of the décor and colour palette, you should consider experimenting with replacement chair covers. These covers come in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns to match whatever vision you have in mind regarding the overall design of the space. For instance, if you want to experiment with a minimalist theme but your furniture upholstery will clash with it, you could opt for stark white replacement chair covers that will make the room appear less busy. As another example, if you are currently contemplating contemporary interior design, replacement chair covers with geometric shapes can be a gateway to creating this in your living room.

Minimise upholstery repairs

Daily use of your furniture is bound to cause wear on the upholstery. Over time, you may find that parts of the seams have become undone or patches of fabric are becoming thin. Not to mention the rips and tears that occur due to kids or pets constantly playing on the seats. If you have recently had the furniture reupholstered, you should consider investing in replacement chair covers to protect the new fabric. The replacement covers can be tailor-made in the same colour that you chose for the new upholstery so that they do not change the overall aesthetic of the chairs. And if you are concerned about how your chairs will look when hosting guests, you can easily slip off these covers for the meantime and put them back on the next day to prevent your kids or pets from ruining the upholstery.

Since replacement chair covers are relatively affordable, you can also invest in multiple sets with different designs, and this allows you to tweak the aesthetic of your living space whenever you want. Look online or in stores for replacement chair covers