Great Seating Ideas For Custom Kitchens

Although kitchen renovations will often focus on the arrangement of the food preparation areas, you should never overlook the social side of a kitchen design either. This is because — to many modern Australians, at least — the kitchen is the heart of the home where families and friends can hang out together. In other words, although custom kitchens should have top-notch cabinets, work surfaces, light fittings and appliances these days, they should also have some comfy furniture to enjoy. Custom kitchens which incorporate good seating ideas do not have to be huge kitchen-diners, either because there are some excellent space-saving ideas you can take advantage of. Read on to find out about some the best custom kitchen seating around.

Under Benchtop Stools

If you are pushed for space in your kitchen, then think about using some recessed cabinets under a section of your benchtops. This will allow you to place some bar stools underneath the countertop in a row. Alternatively, use a wider than normal work surface so that you can achieve the same result. With a few stools neatly tucked away underneath, you can use the benchtop above either as a food preparation area or as a breakfast bar. In the evening, the area could become your own cocktail bar, too, perfect for entertaining before a dinner party.

Custom-Made Window Bench Seats

If you have little space in your kitchen, then consider the recess of your room's window. In many cases, these can be turned into charming bench seats with not much effort or expense. A skilled carpenter can provide you with a perfect seat on which to sit with a cup of coffee while you gaze outside into your garden.

Drop-Down Dining Seats

Another space-saving idea that is good for custom kitchens of all kinds is drop-down seats which you can fold up against the wall when they are not in use. Such seats are basically collapsible and will lie flat but provide additional seating at your kitchen table whenever it is time to serve food.

Tailor-Made Luxury Seating

Of course, not all custom kitchens are small so, if you have the space, you should definitely make use of it. Why put standard living room seating into a custom-made kitchen when you could opt for something suitably bespoke? Remember that doing so will allow you to obtain something as unique as the rest of your kitchen while also fitting in perfectly with the colour scheme of your entire kitchen renovation project.

For more ideas for custom kitchens, contact a local contractor.